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Green Goodness in a Glass!

I hear many comments from clients about the overwhelming amount of nutrition information that is immediately available and how confusing it can be to know where to start.  At times, it’s hard to understand what is really healthy to eat, what to add in, or take out of your diet. One of the first small changes I ask people to make is the addition of smoothies to their daily diet.  When we add in a food that is nutritious and satisfying many times it replaces one of our unhealthy food choices. Michelle Robin, owner of Your Wellness Connection, wrote a book called Small Changes- Big Shifts.  She believes, as I do, if you can make one small change per month it will add up to big shifts at the end of the year.  One of the best things about smoothies is the amount of nutrients packed into one glass.  We have smoothies at our house every day, and it’s the one sure way I can get my 16 year old son to get some greens in his daily diet.  The smoothie featured here is very sweet so kids will love it!  We add a good yogurt to our smoothies so we are also getting the probiotics along with the greens and fruit.  One of the websites that I have followed is called Simple Green Smoothies.  These two gals have made smoothies into a food group all on their own.  They have a basic formula for smoothies, and it will work for almost any combination of fruits and veggies.  You can find Simple Green Smoothies recipes here.  The one thing they do not add is yogurt, which I include in all my smoothies for the probiotics.  You can find my recipe for yogurt here.

A top notch blender is vital for smoothies to be smooth!  I use a Vitamix, but the Nutribullet and Ninja are less expensive and work well too.  We put our smoothies in Blender Bottles so we can shake them up if we don’t drink them right out of the blender.  How about making your small change this month “a smoothie every day”?  I can guarantee you that you will see Big Shifts from this small change …. Happy Blending!!


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  • 1. Scoop yogurt into blender
  • 2. Add spinach leaves
  • 3. Add pineapple juice and blend until spinach is completely blended
  • 4. Add grapes, frozen mango and frozen banana and blend until smooth.
  • 5. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

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